6 Secrets To Clear Acne Scars Naturally

6 Secrets To Clear Acne Scars Naturally

6 Secrets To Clear Acne Scars Naturally Acne is a problem that most of the people have to face during their teen and early twenties. These disappear within some days leaving a scar which further takes some more weeks or even months to fade but in some cases these scars may not go away and you have to live with them.

Although, with the help of medical treatments you can get rid of them but they are not financially viable for everyone and are very harsh on the skin due to the chemicals used. If you are facing the same problem then we have come up with some great natural ways to get rid of those scars safely.

6 Secrets To Clear Acne Scars Naturally

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used all over the world for its cosmetic value; it is great for skin and is being used from several years. If you are dealing with acne scars then apply Aloe Vera to the affected area or whole face. It will help in re-generating better skin if applied daily.

Eat Right

Eating right will also help in getting rid of the scars quickly. Try to avoid food which is spicy, high in starches, fats and sugars. Rather, include high protein food stuffs in your diet combined with lots of green vegetables and fruits. Also, try not to eat junk food. Additionally, you can also fast for some days; it will help in re-generating skin. Take fruits and vegetable during the fast.


Garlic is nature’s gift to treat skin problems. Apply garlic or garlic juice on your scars daily before going to bed and keep it that way for the whole night and wash face in the morning. It is also advisable to add lots of garlic in your diet as it prevents skin infection.


Take one teaspoon of coriander juice and mix it with turmeric powder (a pinch or two) to make a healing paste. Apply this paste over the affected area with cotton balls and keep it for sometime then wash it. This will also help in healing the scars.


This is actually very obvious but most of us fail to follow it. Drink a lot of water and if you sweat a lot, further increase the intake. Water is healthy for your the body and keeps the skin glowing.

Acne Scar Mixture

Take some honey to make a mixture and grated peels of lemon and orange in it. Also, grate a little ginger and garlic to the mixture and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Apply this on your scars and leave for 10-12 minutes before washing your face. Use this mixture as frequently as possible.

If you are still getting acne on your skin then don’t scratch, squeeze, pick or pop them as this will also increase the chances of acne scars. It is understandable that nobody likes acne and wants to get rid of them quickly but squeezing will cause a scar that may not fade for years.