5 Wonderful Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom

how to decorate your bathroom

how to decorate your bathroom Are you planning to decorate your bathroom for quite some time now but could not do so because of lack of ideas?A sincere effort has been made to present new ideas to decorate your bathroom in this article.

Read the article and choose the best idea. These ideas are applicable for small bathrooms as well as for large bathrooms.

5 Wonderful Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom

First Concentrate on Your Bathroom Design and Size

Before planning to decorate your bathroom, you should take into consideration its size and design. If you have a large bathroom then you can add more stuff to decorate it and can experiment with colors of your choice. In case of a small bathroom, you can make it big with the help of artificial lighting.

Decide on What Theme to Create in Your Bathroom

You should decide the theme of your bathroom. Decorating your bathroom with a theme will help you decide on the colors to use. If you want to design a bathroom for your children then you can use themes that include funny characters, cartoons, animals and toys.

You can also decorate the walls with your children’s favorite things. If you are designing a bathroom for your guests then choose a theme which is simple yet attractive.

Paint Colors

You can use off-white colors to paint your bathroom if its size is small. Lighter colors reflect more light than darker colors. You should not think of using deep rich colors as these colors can make your bathroom look even smaller. However, you can use light and neutral colors like white, light gray, beige or light tan.

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Attractive wall coverings with different designs will make your bathroom more beautiful and eye binding. If you have a large bathroom, then you can definitely go for bold colors. If you wish, you can use contrasting colors on different walls of your bathroom. This will give your bathroom a complete makeover.

Light Fixtures

You should add more lighting fixtures in case you have a small bathroom as this will certainly help in making your bathroom look and feel larger. While selecting lighting for your bathroom, you should keep in mind the theme of your bathroom.

Adding Vanities and Accents

You can decorate your bathroom by adding cupboards, mirrors, shelves, countertops, sinks etc. These vanities are available in different designs and shapes and you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. The last thing you need to do to decorate your bathroom is adding accents like paintings, houseplants, mats, vases, bathtub, shower caddy, and other decorative items.

All these items will surely enhance the beauty of your bathroom and make it more appealing. You can also install a ceramic tile floor or stone tile floor in your bathroom. You can choose copper and bronze fixtures such as shower heads and handles for your bathroom.

You do not need to allocate a higher budget for the whole work. There are many bathroom decor accessories that are cheap and can give your bathroom a neat and fresh look. You have the freedom to experiment with colors and designs, therefore, make full use of it. You need to think wisely and intelligently to turn your ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.

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