5 Ways to Look Thinner Instantly

All of us are looking at ways to looker thinner and more appealing to the opposite or in some cases the same sex. Most of the times looking thin means going on a crash diet that is not always very appealing. What would you do if I tell you that I have the solution to your problem and it does not involve any form of dieting or exercise? Well, it seems too good to be true doesn’t it? Yes. It’s true. I have the key to make you look thin and fabulous and it’s all done by merely maintaining your body and playing around with your clothes.

Would you believe it but the shoes that you wear have a lot to say about your look. Wearing stilettos with a narrow or tapering look will cut off a few pounds from your body. This is especially effective if you have thunder thighs or a sporting some amount of cellulite. Do not wear short heals with square fronts as it makes you look bulky and short; tapering fronts on the other hand have the exact opposite effect.

V necks help to attract attention to your face and miraculously make your body look slender. The shape of the inverted triangle gives an illusion that your upper body is longer and thereby makes you look attractive. Look out for cardigans, dresses, jackets and sweaters in this cut.

If your body sports a number of bulges then the best way to control it is to start using garments that helps you to shape your body.. This includes lingerie that uplifts sagging breasts, controls stomach flab and lifts the buttocks. This will make the body look more slender and you will feel confident instantly.

Wearing only one color is the perfect way to reduce pounds instantly. This means that you wear tops and bottoms in the same hues. If you wear contrasting colors you draw attention to your mid section; if you want to avoid this wear only one color or hue.

Your accessories help you to lose weight instantly. The jewelry that you wear will help you to elongate your body. If you wear long chains you will help to make your neck look longer and will take away the attention from your midriff. Wear a few sparkly bangles in your hand to draw attention to your wrists and not your arms.

These are simple and effective ways to help you look taller and thinner naturally.