5 Unique Japanese Garden Designs

Japanese Garden Designs

Are you fascinated by the idea of creating a Japanese garden in your home? Are you in love with nature and want to capture its beauty? You can fulfill your wish by creating a Japanese garden in your home as the garden reflects the pure beauty of nature.

You can differentiate a Japanese garden from other gardens by its setting and use. The most important benefit of a Japanese garden is that it is simple and easy to maintain. Read the article to find out more about Japanese garden designs.

What are the different types of Japanese gardens?

There are different types of Japanese gardens. You can choose a garden that fits your requirements. Read and learn about them.

5 Unique Japanese Garden Designs

Tea garden

If you do not have a large space to build your dream garden then tea garden is most suitable for you as it occupies less space.

Japanese Garden Designs

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To make a tea garden, you need to create an outer garden and connect it to an inner garden through a gate. You also need to build a tea hut within the inner garden.

Pond and Island Style Garden

The main attraction of this type of garden is a pond around which the whole garden is built. Due to the presence of pond, this garden is visible from a very long distance.

Unique Japanese Garden Designs

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You can also create footpaths and rustic bridges in this garden. If you have enough space to install this water feature then you should certainly go for this garden style as it will give your home a refreshing and soothing look.

Courtyard Garden

You can also create a courtyard garden if you have less outdoor space.

Unique Japanese Garden

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This garden will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of nature and give your home a natural look.

Japanese Stroll Garden

Unique Japanese Garden

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If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of more than one Japanese garden then Japanese stroll garden is best for you as it gives you the opportunity to mix several Japanese gardens into the space available to you.

Zen Garden

If you want to use only rocks, trees and shrubs to create your garden then Zen garden might be exactly what you are looking for.

5 Unique Japanese Garden

To build a Zen garden, you need to use different varieties of rocks and raked gravel to represent your island and water. To make your garden look greener, you have the option to plant trees and shrubs.

What are the Elements of a Japanese Garden

The six important elements found in a Japanese garden are stones, bridges, plants, water and carps. Carps are the symbol of strength, perseverance and life.

japanese garden

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Though, natural water features are incorporated into Japanese gardens but water fountains are generally not found in Japanese gardens as these are not considered natural. Rocks, stones and boulders are used to represent land, islands and mountains. Stones are usually used to build walls, waterfall and footpaths. You can also create fences to give privacy to your garden.

Information about Japanese Garden Plants

You can include plants like Japanese maple, bonsai, black pine, bamboo, pines, magnolia, cherry tree and flowers like mums, peonies, and azaleas in your Japanese garden.

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