5 Tips For Women To Attract Men

attractive-women Getting a man of their dreams is a dream come true for the most of the women.  Many admire a man who is tall, dark, handsome, rich, caring, loving and faithful. However, getting the right man is often a touch choice.

Here are five top tips for attracting the man of your dreams:

Be Indifferent: Men mostly hate women who are desperate. Men find women attractive who are indifferent to their looks and how much wealth they have. In fact, they love it when some lady treats them as if they are nothing more that the average Tom, Dick or Harry. So, don’t play hard to get. Rather, be hard to get.

Be Fabulous: Be fabulous and well dressed, polished polite, and sophisticated when you are with your mystery man.

Be Mysterious: As a matter of fact, don’t tell him every little thing about you on the first date. Believe us, he is not that interested about your past relationships, past experiences or any other problems. He is only interested in you.

Be Open with your views: Most men have a lot of respect for women who know their own minds and who have their own thinking and way of living. A man usually wants to know an opinion related to him. It is very important when to speak and what to speak when you are open with your views.

Be Yourself: You are wonderful when you are yourself and not a carbon copy of any other person or celebrity. This is the main thing and if that is not good enough for him, then he is not just good for you. You will not like to start a relationship being some one else. Being yourself in your own unique way, you will allow him to fully appreciate the real “you”.  Remember – you are worth it!

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