5 Thoughtful Speeches To Say While Breaking Up

Speeches To Say While Breaking Up

 Speeches To Say While Breaking Up “Break Up” is an emotional injury to the tender heart of both guys and girls. Whoever faces the break up get extremely disappointed and it may also cause some dreadful effects.

However in break up one side has more adverse effect than other side. The reason is, in break up there are two character involved “An Initiator” and “A
Target”. Initiator is the one who decides that he or she wants to break up with other person in relationship which is a target.

Obviously initiator is doing this for the sake of his own happiness so he is likely to get affected less than the target. For a target conversation of break up is sad surprise and a person can take pleasant surprises but it requires a heart of rock to tolerate sad surprises. “Break up” is prevailing term between the couples who are yet to get married. But after

marriage “Break up” is known as “a divorce” which is the last stage of break up and extremely dangerous. Divorce not only affects person involved but also their family members. There are many reasons why people resort to break up. Regular arguments and fights, possessiveness, selfishness, avoidance, change in priority by one of the partner

from relationship to work, breaking of trust and taking doubts, involvement of third person in relationship and much more. Break up may create temporary disappointment  but in long term it is better for both the partners. Break up works like an injection it does hurt but its results are positive.

Well, but when break up occurs it is very important for an initiator to talk with diplomacy. Initiator need to be very calm and thoughtful while speaking the words. So following are five break up speeches  whose intensity increases from speech 1 to speech 5. It depends on the desperation of an initiator how badly he wants to break up.

Speech 1:

Hi Sweetheart. I have very good news for you. You need not tolerate me as your boyfriend from now on. I thought a lot about our relationship. I feel you are not that happy as I am and that is causing problem for me. See, I do not want to keep you in any kind of bonds or restrictions. Actually I fell in love with you but I did not

think do I truly deserve you. You are so intelligent and beautiful like princess and i have only average qualities, I think we are completely miss match. You deserve someone far better than me. It will hurt me for sure but this is the right thing to do now. So I wish you all the blessings and happiness in the universe and sorry if my decision hurting you, goodbye

Speech 2:

Break up

Hello friend, “How are you?”.  Listen, I have something sad but important to tell you. You know I miss our friendship more nowadays. After we fell in love with each other we thought it will be heavenly for us. But I guess and you too know that it turned out to be something different.

We both were happier as friends. I was thinking we should give some time, thoughts and rest to our relationship and let us be just friends again. I hope you feel me on this. I do not want you decide this immediately. I will wait for your answer that should we get apart from our relationship for some time. (In this speech there is no word as a break up, the target will understood that it is a break up)

Speech 3:

Hey, thanks you at least came to meet me because I do not want to talk about this on the phone. You will be happy to know that this is our last meeting; you need not to bother to think about me.  See from last couple of months I am feeling that you are not interested in me. I keep calling you but you either do not respond or reply very late. Whenever I call you to meet, you always have some work to do.

Your behavior has completely changed and it is getting intolerable for me, because I too have some responsibilities and dreams. I have decided just to copy you now. I will not call you or meet you henceforth. Thank you for your help and love in the past, bye.

Speech 4:

Will you please break up with me?. Even if you say no I am going to break up with you now, its enough now. If you notice you have changed completely from the very next day I proposed you. You become possessive, doubtful, angry and what not?. I did not know you have such much hatred inside you.

You think I should be with you every time, taking care of you, loving you but what about the same from your side. I try to give you what you wanted but expectations are increasing everyday which is making me tensed. You know I really feeling guilty of being in relationship with you. After oxygen, “break up with you” is the most important thing I wanted. Please go away from me and please do not ever contact me.

Speech 5:

You know I must have done some heinous crimes in my last birth that is why God punished me by making fall in love with you. For your information you are the dirtiest, scoundrel, selfish guy/girl possible. I feel you must suffer from all the diseases like paralysis, leprosy, cancer, aids together. I will never forgive myself for being in relationship with you.

I do not want to touch you, otherwise you would you slapped you very hard, but already my mind and heart got dirty because of you not I want to keep my hands clean. I will pray you should never get a life partner because you will make his/her life hell or more than that.

Remove the ring right now from your finger which I gave you and do not give it to me, just throw it away. I am going to find if there is some remedy by which person can obliterate memories because I do not want to remember you in any way. Now, get the hell out of here and if you ever try to talk to me I will count number of letters in those words and will hit you with that number of stones. Now get out you bastard.

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