5 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Child

5 things every parent should teach their child

5 things every parent should teach their child

Having kids and raising them up is a difficult task. Kids look up to their parents and it is important for every parent to teach their children values, good attitude and fine conduct. You can get your stick and beat your child but that would make him/her worse.

Modern parents talk to their children and explain them things by breaking a situation down. Trust your child to learn the values you teach them. The 5 most important values every parent should teach their children are as under. These values are as important as eating and drinking and a child without these values is bound to go astray.

Different Things Parent Should Teach Their Child

Understanding Right From Wrong

A child should know the difference between what is the right thing to do and what is not. A parent should teach their child the social culture they are being brought up in and the principles of the culture. You cannot expect your young one to develop principles of his/her own so early in life, hence, when your child learns the principles of the society and his/her family, he/she would eventually develop his/her own principles.

understanding right from wrong

When your child does something wrong, do not scold him/her right away. He/she is new to the world and it is obvious that they do not know what would be right for them and what not. Sit down with your child and explains the pros and cons of the situation. Relate it to other bigger situations and explain the needful.


Compassion is an asset every child should have. We look around and see people suffering, we feel for them. Parents are the teachers and guides to their children. And, parents should therefore teach their children this virtue and how they should help each other in time of need and how to be kind and compassionate.


Take your children to an orphanage and let your child donate some clothes or toys to the deprived children and make him/her understand why. This will not only make him a good human being and he will develop a helpful attitude towards others in need.

To Listen

Children these days have a mind of their own. You need to walk with them to understand their reception method and potential. Sometimes punishing a notorious child could become necessary. You can have him/her grounded if he/she is being extremely disobedient, but do not make it very frequent, as you do not want your child to take you for granted.

to listen

However, punishment comes later. But first you need to talk things out with your young one. Talk about the difficulties he/she may be facing and why he/she delivering such a conduct.

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Fair And Loving

Playing fair with everyone is one virtue you must teach your child. You can do that by making them understand the laws of nature like,’what you give you get back’. You do not want your child to get into any fight or quarrel. He/she should be nice and loving to everyone. If you want your child to be lovable, this lesson is important. Kindness to a person never goes in vain; it always comes back to you. Teach him/her to say courteous words like, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

fair and loving

Failure And Success

This last lesson is very important. In a competitive world your child need to grow and adapt. Being successful is a very valuable lesson for the child. You need to tell him stories of successful people and build in him/her the passion for success. However, that passion should not come at any cost. With success comes failure too. The roots of the success tree may be bitter but the bearings of the tree are sweet and lovely. It is not a sin to make a mistake, after all to err is human.

failure and sucess