5 Summer Trends You Were not Aware You Could Pull Off

Make summer work for you this year. Most women shy away from showing some skin in summer. This is a big mistake. Summer is all about having some fun in the sun. Here are 5 ways to get wild this summer with your clothes, accessories and the right attitude.

Wear flirty skirts this summer. Choose a length that you are comfortable in. Choose a print and fabric that is light and sways well. A flared skirt is your best bet as it swishes and sashays as you waltz around.

You can also wear a 3 or 4 tiered skirt if you have wide hips and can pull of the look. This summer wear a light skirt is solid or prints and team it with a fitted T shirt or blouse. If you want to look dressy in the skirt then a pair of high heel shoes or wedges is a good option; else wear a pair of flat sandals.

Don’t feel shy to wear floral prints either. They are a huge sensation this year and not only for school girls. This print was once considered to be old fashioned however it has made a huge comeback this year.

If you are not too keen on wearing floral prints than ensure that you have hints of flowers in your attire or accessories this summer. You can wear headbands and handbags with floral accents in them.

Women shy away from wearing tank tops but you shouldn’t. Yes a tank top is skimpy and it does show off a lot of skin- but that is what summer is all about. Wear a tank top with several layers in order to make it work for you if you are not comfortable with showing off your skin.

Dare yourself to wear a 2 piece swim suit. Most women are not very keen on this because of the bulges in their tummy region. However there is a way to hide this too. Wear a suit with a long or flowing top so that you cover the upper region of your body and hide the unwanted bulges.

Lastly, you need to get into a pair of shorts. Its summer and it is time to show off your legs- no matter what age you may be. Choose the length of the shorts to suit your own preference so that it flatters your figure.