5 Stages of A Committed Relationship

Knowing the stages of the relationship may not be the most important thing in a relationship but this helps you to know on what level your relationship stands and thus give it a proper name – either just friends dating or a committed relationship.

Once you know this, it would help you know what to expect from a relationship and thus preventing yourself from getting hurt in future.

Stage 1 – The stage of courtship : This is the beginning of the relationship where you fall in love and try your hardest to impress the person you like in the best way possible.  This is also the stage where you begin to build unrealistic dreams about the future and also a lot of pre-assumed ideas about your partner.

This might seem like an impossible thing to happen if you have not loved yet but not matter how much you deny, there is always a bit of a happily-ever-after feel to your dreams.

Stage 2 – Realization : This is the next stage which comes a little after the beginning of the relationship where you realize for the first time, the faults and the flaws of the person you are so blindly in love with.

Realization hits hard that things might not really go the way you imagined and that there are a lot of things that come as shocking truths and facts about your partner. At this stage, all you can do is understand and accept everything since nobody’s really perfect.

Stage 3 – Dominance : This stage may never appear in people who like being taken care of and being the submissive one. Not everybody want to dominate in a relationship.

There are some laid back people out there who simply leave everything in the hands of their partner. But if you happen to be someone who can’t live with someone ruling over you, the road will get a little rugged for you here.

Stage 4 – Reconcile : This is the stage where all your doubts are cleared, you have finally got over the shock from the second stage and the dispute for dominance has finally be cleared and you have come to a certain level of understanding and patience.

Stage 5 – Understanding and acceptance : This is the final stage where you have finally realized the truth of the relationship and your partner and have accepted all of it and finally moved on towards a stable and committed relationship!

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