5 Must Have Casual Trendy Items For Every Woman

Fashion is all about being yourself, putting your best foot forward and looking fabulous without making too much of an effort. Well, easier said than done. As trends change every season it is difficult to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not.

If you are always in a dilemma then I have a list of 5 key essentials for you to include in your casual wardrobe. These are pieces that you can team up with other articles of clothing or accessories and look fabulous.

Leggings, skinny jeans and a pencil skirt are a must have in your wardrobe. They are the basics that you can build your wardrobe around. Other basics that you must have include V neck T shirts, tank tops and jackets.

To pull of the absolutely trendy look you need to have a stunning handbag. This is the key element to making you stand out from all others. The bag must be bold and trendy; keep in mind that you should be able to carry it during the day or night. Investing in a single bag is better than buying multiples that you may not use too often.

The second must have is a stunning pair of shoes. While heels are gorgeous they are difficult to stay in for long periods so they can take a step back. Go for a trendy yet chic look. Boots are a great option as the offer you comfort as well as make you look stylish. A pair of boots with medium heels is perfect for any look.

The third must have on my list is a jacket. The 2 most common jackets in a woman’s closet are the denim jacket and a leather jacket. The former is too casual while the latter is too high end. In order to create a look that is neither casual nor high end you need to be on the look out for a silk, tweed or a cotton jacket. Military green is the latest summer trend this year.

Next on the list is a scarf. This is an article that you can wear with any outfit and style it differently so that you have a different look every time you wear it.

The last and most important element of your must haves is a pair of sunglasses. Celebrities are often caught with their sunglasses on at any part of the day or night. Stylist Zoe too is never spotted without a pair of glasses. This is one accessory that will make you look like a diva just as you put them on.

So here you go. You are now equipped with all the items that you absolutely can’t live without to give yourself a trendy, casual and sensual appeal.