5 Important Team Building Games For Kids

5 Important team Building Games For Kids Team building games are not only fun to play but also give kids an opportunity to learn new and useful things that can take their lives to a higher level. Team building has taken center stage in today’s corporate world. Participation in team building activities is a must for kids as these activities help them develop skills needed to excel in life. Questioning kids about the activities they are involved in will help them retain important things for a long period of time. Here are some of the team building games for kids:

5 Important Team Building Games For Kids

Human Puzzle

To start this game, you need to ask the children to choose one leader for themselves. Now, you have to give a shape or a pattern to the chosen leader and ask him or her to arrange other kids into that pattern. Ask the leader to give directions to other children verbally so that the pattern or the shape you have suggested can be formed. Human Puzzle   Tell other children that they have to follow the instructions of their leader. Let the leader decide for himself or herself the best way to accomplish the assigned task. This game will test the leadership skills of the chosen leader. Rest of the children will learn the importance of working in a cooperative manner.


Meinfield Choose the equipment of your choice to start this game and scatter the equipment all over the room. Ask the children to choose their own partners and form pairs. One member of the pair is blindfolded. Now, the blindfolded partners have to follow the instructions of their partners. Both the partners have to cross the minefield and if they fail to reach their destination, they have to start all over again.

Desert Island

Desert Island Ask the children to imagine that a desert island surrounded by water exists at the other end of the room. Now they have to build teams and cross the water to reach the island. Give them equipment which they can use to reach their destination. Remind children that if they try to put their foot in the water then they have to start all over again.

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Name game

New Game Ask the children to form a straight line and request one child to come out and close his or her eyes. Instruct other children to change their places and ask another child to come out and leave the room. Now, the child who has closed his or her eyes has to find out the child who has left the room.

Loop da Hoop

Loop Da Hoop Instruct children to make a circle and hold hands with a hoop hanging on one person’s arm. Tell them to pass the hoop to the next person in the circle till it reaches its original position. The children should help each other to accomplish this task successfully. These are some of the team building games that will surely help kids to enhance their creative skills and boost their imagination.

Mala Srivastava