5 Foods for a Healthy Heart

It’s no secret that to have a healthy heart you must eat well. So here we have a list of 5 heart healthy foods, which if consumed on a daily basis can cut down your risk of heart problems significantly.

Healthy fats and oils

Saturated and trans-fats are the unhealthy ones, so as far as possible you should limit their consumption. Instead go in for the monounsaturated fats which play a vital role in bringing down the LDL, the bad cholesterol which deposits in the arteries leading to blockages, levels. Olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil are some of the best monounsaturated fats to add to your diet.

However, remember that even though these are healthy going overboard isn’t quite the way to go, since all the excess is bound to add on fat to your body. Ideally one person shouldn’t consume more than 20ml of oil in his every day diet.


Fish contains the miraculous omega-3 fatty acids which can make a lot of positive changes to your lipid profile. Fatty fish like sardines, herring, salmon and mackerel contain high amounts of these fatty acids, so you must think about adding these to your everyday menu. And in case you are one with a green tooth, then the vegetarian alternatives for getting omega-3 fatty acids are flaxseed, soy and walnuts.

Whole grains

Whole grains are the best way to get a good supply of soluble fiber. You need a minimum of 4gms of soluble fiber every day for good heart health, and that’s not tough when you restrict yourself to whole grains only. Dump the white bread and pick up some full bran bread, for starters.


Apart from grains, beans and lentils are some other rich sources of soluble fiber. So having about one cup of boiled beans or lentils a day can cause your cholesterol levels to topple significantly. Also beans can serve as a healthy replacement for meats, as they are equally good in terms of protein content, while being completely free of harmful fats at the same time.

Red wine

Wine doesn’t just make you romantic; it makes your heart healthy as well. Red wine makes for the best choice, because it contains antioxidants which elevate the HDL levels. So, now you have one compelling reason to party every evening.

Sidharth Thakur