5 Effective Tips To Treat Constipation In Adults

5 Effective Tips To Treat Constipation In Adults

5 Effective Tips To Treat Constipation In Adults Constipation is quite a common affliction more predominant nowadays due to hectic lifestyle and predominance of unhealthy food habits. Irregular bowel movements, bowel pain and infrequent hard stools take a toll on physical and mental state and if left untreated it may lead to severe problems like hemorrhoids and even rectal prolapse.

5 Effective Tips to Treat Constipation in Adults

Drink Fluids

Taking care of hydration helps a lot in treating constipation. Drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water every day and increase it for better effectivity. Keep the body well hydrated at all times through regular fluid intake consisting of fruit juices.

Optimum hydration initiates digestive and metabolic activities helping is treating constipation. Parallel to hydration keep away from dehydrating agents like caffeine containing drinks such as tea or coffee and reduce the alcohol intake to a minimum and nothing will be better if you can totally abstain from it.

Fibrous Balanced Diet

The food we eat basically determines the state of our digestive tract. In adult diet food items like excess meat and cheese have been shown to cause constipation, so it is in the best interests to keep away from such foodstuffs or reduce their intake drastically. Similarly, there is no alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables.

They not only add the much needed roughage element to the diet but also the vitamins, micronutrients and the essential elements found in them add to the metabolic health of the body. Fiber rich food like whole grains and cereals along with prunes and apricots may help in relieving constipation. Therefore, if you want to combat constipation effectively go green and go fresh keeping away from all processed and preservative containing food, even an ice-cream may add to your woes.

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Regular Exercises

Free-hand exercises done regularly for a minimum of half an hour every day go a long way in treating constipation. In most cases sedentary lifestyle is the single deciding factor in giving rise to constipation, so it is important to be up and about and there is no alternative to continued and regularized movement and walking. Regular walking and exercises initiate digestion and bowel movement. If you can take on swimming as a leisurely activity then there can be nothing better than that. If you are not getting the initiation to be up and about on your own you may also consider joining a gym or aerobic classes.

Reduce Medications

Certain medications or food supplements may also lead to increased bouts of constipation. Mineral supplements containing calcium and iron sometimes may reduce bowel movements in adults. Similarly medications like antacids and some narcotics add to the existing problem. However, it is not a good sense to quit any medication or supplements on your own. Consult the prescribing authority, let him be aware of your problem and then you may reduce or stop the doses as instructed.

Use Laxatives

If nothing else seems to work the adults can always turn to laxatives for softer and easier passage of stools. But it is important to seek medical consultation prior to that.