5 Effective Tips To Recover From A Cesarean

5 Effective Tips To Recover From A Caesarean

5 Effective Tips To Recover From A Caesarean In today’s age of extreme advancement in the field of medicine and surgery, caesarean section for the delivery of babies has become a most regularly practiced phenomenon which is also completely safe and preferred for the health and well-being of the baby in case of complications during labor.

Medicines help you to recover completely within some days of the surgery however, certain precautions are necessary in addition to the prescribed medications in order to attain complete health without any complications. Here we have discussed the various ways to heal your body completely and recover from the after effects of the caesarean surgery.

5 Effective Tips To Recover From a Caesarean

Get Moving

It is necessary to be up and start moving as soon as possible post-surgery. This will help in increased blood circulation reducing the chances of blood clotting, escalates the healing process as well as movement decreases the instances of constipation which is generally a bane after any surgery since our body needs some time to return to the normal physiological mode after any trauma. You may require some assistance to move around initially, don’t let this be any deterrent to your enthusiasm. With the right mind set you will be on your own in no time.

Basic problems

Generally, the catheter and intra venous doses are removed within the first twenty four hours as soon as the physician decides that there is sufficient fluid intake and the bodies urinary functioning has returned to normal. However, physical pain due to the surgical incision and extreme weakness and fatigue will remain for the next month and half.

So, it is very important to remain extremely careful regarding your health for that time, nothing heavy should be lifted. Movement is must but it should be restricted to a minimum and hassle free. Keep everything needed for the baby near at hand so as to avoid unnecessary movement and anxiety.

Use the Right Body Support

The doctor may prescribe the right abdominal support for a post-operative recovery. You may always keep a pillow handy which will help you to breast feed your baby in the right way and also will give the necessary bolster and act as a shock absorber when you cough and sneeze.

Keep Your Body Well Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and fluids will help your body to recover faster. Drink more than eight to ten glasses of water every day and all manner of fluids like juices etc in order to keep your body functioning at the optimum level. Fluids increase the circulation of blood. Facilitate the excretory and respiratory process which helps in the removal of harmful body toxins from your body regularly. This is extremely necessary since after the operation your system is prone to infections. This will boost your metabolic and immune system helping you to recover quickly and avoid complications.

Keep Your Doctor Informed

Do not ignore any abnormality. Seek the help of your doctor immediately if there are any instances of pain or infection get immediate medical help to keep health hazards at bay.