5 Easy Tips To Fix Damaged Hair

5 Easy Tips To Fix Damaged Hair

5 Easy Tips To Fix Damaged Hair Natural wear and tear of hair is quite normal however, if care is not taken in the incipient stages the degree of damage increases gradually leading to dry, rough and dull, lusterless tresses. Here below we have enumerated some methods to fix your damaged hair.

5 Easy Tips To Fix Damaged Hair


The main culprit for your dry and damaged tresses is improper moisturization. Every minute of the day environments is robbing the body surface of the precious moisture. If you are an outdoor person then the depletion of body water level is all the more rapid. In this scenario, it is very important to replenish this lost moisture by keeping your body well hydrated.

Drink plenty of water every day; a minimum of eight to ten glasses is a must besides drinking all the fluids you can get your hands on. With optimum moisture your body is now ready to fight the dryness of the skin and scalp. Blood circulation to the head increases and so does the repair of the wear and tear of the hair follicles. Sebaceous glands start producing enough oil to properly lubricate your hair. And in the long run your damaged hair start regaining the lost luster.

Avoid regular shampooing and use warm or cool water instead of hot or cold for shampoo. Use herbal or homemade hair products and natural conditioners which will repair the hair damage. Hot oil massages every week help to keep your scalp and hair healthy. You can use coconut, olive or jojoba oil for proper treatment.

Homemade Hair Care

Mix a beaten egg with olive oil and apply on your hair, but avoid the hair roots. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes then rinse thoroughly and shampoo. This will bring back shine and luster to your dull and lifeless strands.Vitamin E is very good for the health of the hair. Contents of some vitamin E tablets can be added to your shampoo to increase their effectivity.
Say no to heat treatments Hair dryers, curling irons and all the like heat styling instruments all dry out the hair significantly and if damage is already present then using them will increase it manifold. It is better to let your hair dry off naturally.

If a dryer have to be used, it is better to use ionized dryer that keep the moisture film around the strands intact. It is better to leave your damaged tresses alone for some time before you start of style and experiment on it again. Let your hair breath and regain some semblance on its own.

Trim Regularly

Trimming your hair every two months is a very good way for damage control. This repair the split ends initiate hair growth and is good for the overall health of the hair.


Use wide-toothed wooden combs to brush out your hair, this will stop further damage. Permanent hair colors though long lasting increase wear and tear and is not good in the long run. Use herbal and natural colors instead.

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