4 Types of Skin Diseases

Everybody wants to have that perfect, flawless, glowing skin. But in today’s world with the dirt and pollution its almost impossible to have that perfect skin.

No matter how much anti tan, anti blemish lotion you apply you cannot have that perfect skin you craved for.

We always try and keep our skin healthy by not only investing in expensive lotions and body washes but we also visit the spa once in a month, but alas! The end result is definitely not a 100$ clear skin.

All of us at some point or the other have suffered from a very common skin problem called acne. They may be in the form of a black head or a white head. Some very ugly with pores and puss formation, turning red and leaves behind ugly scars.

The worst form being that of a cyst, which forms in the epidermis layer of the skin, is painful and has a mouth with puss formation, for which a dermatologist has to be consulted. Acne can not only appear on our faces nut also neck and back. It could be cause due to excess dandruff or due to secretion of excess oil or sebum or when our face is dirty and oily. However cosmetic brands are coming up with new formula face wash and creams to do away the problem of acne.

The next form of skin disease that is common is eczema. This is a more serious problem. This is caused by changing environmental condition, a cream that is not suiting your skin, where your immune system is not strong or due to hereditary. It causes skin blistering, reddening, scaling and in severe cases bleeding. Hydration is one treatment steroids is another one.

Another form of skin disease is dermatitis. It’s a severe form of allergic reaction on the skin. Here the allergy could be caused by any form of reaction caused in the skin due to use of soaps or creams that does not suit your skin or any form of chemical reaction. It could also be caused by eating food which you are allergic to like prawns, pineapple, eggplant etc.

Another form of skin disease that is common mostly in babies is diaper rashes. These are red rashes which iches and in severe cases cause a burning sensation. It is due to the use of diapers regularly or when certain brands of diapers do not suit the babies.Thus immense care is supposed to be taken when it comes to skin.