4 Tips To Avoid Getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

4 Tips To Avoid Getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Practicing safe sex in very important for maintaining body health and for continuing with an active sex life for a longer period. Awareness is the key to prevention. Knowing about the various diseases and through an understanding of the factors causing them a person is in a better position to handle and prevent the occurrence of most diseases and infections.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is one such disorder. This is in most cases a bacterial disease affecting the female sexual organs like the ovaries, uterus and the fallopian tubes. The inflammation is accompanied with abdominal pain, fever, white discharges, irregular menstruation and various like symptoms. However, this disease is very much preventive if it is known how to do it.

Tips To Avoid Getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Keep Away From Sex

This is the best possible way to completely avoid the cases of pelvic inflammatory disease. However, if you are shaking your head in disbelief or are completely unable to abstain from sexual activity at least limit it to a minimum and stick to a single partner. Do not be promiscuous and remain monogamous which protects you from a whole lot of unlikely troubles. Indulging in mindless and heedless sexual romping can lead to no good at all. Knowing your partner very well in terms of sexual activity will help you to prevent the occurrence of this disease in most cases.

Use Preventive Measures

Prevention is always better than cure and the pelvic inflammatory disease is highly preventable. Use of condom is a very good safe sex practice in general and this is being repeated time and again by both media and the sexual health guardians all over the world. Condoms help to prevent instances of PID quite effectively.

Be firm on your partner on this issue and make a similar mindset through discussion. It is very important to resolve this crucial issue much before the occasion for its use arises. Before using a condom it is necessary to clearly know about the proper usage techniques to avoid any last minute glitches or hitches.

Avoid Douching

Vaginal douching is a common practice that involves the use of over the counter mixtures of fluids that are supposed to have a variety of health benefits. The available mixtures generally contain water, iodine, vinegar, etc and are said to clean the vaginal region and even help in the prevention of pregnancy.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. In reality the natural flora and bacteria important for health gets wiped out because of the douching and this may be one of the causes leading to the occurrence of the pelvic inflammatory disease. Besides causing the disease to occur, douching may also facilitate the spread of an already existing inflammatory condition by aggravating it to the uterine region.

Consult a Doctor

Regular visits to a doctor’s clinic not only protect you from the occurrence of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease but may also help in the early detection of the problem helping in its right and fast treatment.