4 Things Men Hate About Women

Things Men Hate About Women

Men and women are made differently and they act differently as well, and well this difference has existed ever since men and women have existed.

There are lots of things that women don’t like about men and there are lots of things men don’t like about women. As a woman you need to understand male psychology and try to avoid things that irritate men, to have a smooth relationship.

Also the same goes for men too, but for here we will stick to the top four things men hate about women.

Too many questions

Women are a little nosy and they always have a long list of questions, which men usually find irritating. For men the philosophy is simple, they don’t poke their nose into your affairs and they want something similar from you. So stop bugging them with questions like – why are you late, what did you eat for lunch, what were you doing with your buddies. If there is something that you must know, they’ll tell you themselves.

You control the TV remote

You must understand that for men sports channels mean a lot, just like your cheesy soap operas mean to you. So when it’s an important soccer match going on, don’t just bug them by stealing the remote and switching over to some channel of your interest. Their matches don’t happen every day, and you have the remote to yourself most of the time, so when they want to watch a match let them enjoy it uninterruptedly.

Don’t treat him like a kid

Your man is a grown up, and you’d better understand that, because no man likes to be guided, pampered, pestered and spooned like a two year old. You’re probably cuddling him or guiding him out of love, but a man feels chocked with such behavior. A man wants to be accepted and treated as a mature adult, and when you treat him like a kid its nothing but irritating for him.

You keep a check on his spending

A man doesn’t go inquiring you about how you spent your money and wants you too to respect his financial freedom. A man doesn’t want you to question him on where and why he spends his money. It’s their money and their credit card and they don’t want you to secretly keep track of their spending and then later question them about their expenses.

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Sidharth Thakur