4 Steps to Skin Care

To enjoy a great looking skin, it is imperative that you maintain your skin in good health, for which you will need to adopt certain skin care techniques like toning, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Also taking good care of your skin will help you in preventing aging and other skin related problems.

Going by the protocol, it is cleansing that comes in first which entails removal of dirt and dead skin cells. This is the most important and the most basic thing that goes into proper skin care. If you do not carry out proper cleansing of the skin, the dirt build-up is bound to make your skin look dull. Also the collection of dirt and bacteria on the skin can lead to several types of skin infections like acne.

Next in line is the process of toning the skin, which works wonders towards giving you a healthy and glowing skin. The toner not only helps in deep cleaning of the pores of the skin, but more importantly it works towards restoring the natural pH balance of the skin. With the restoration of the natural pH balance the skin pores tighten up and this tightening of the pores works a long way towards preventing dirt and infection from getting into the pores. The tightening up of the pores also gives a smoother appearance to the skin.

To get that supple looking skin, hydrating the skin is very important and equally important is to take measures to prevent loss of moisture. Moisturizing lotions replenish the skin with moisture while at the same time acting as a protective barrier to prevent the moisture from escaping. People with dry skin should give additional attention to moisturizing as dry skin is a result of lack of natural skin oils called sebum.

Finally, there’s a process called exfoliating which must be used from time to time to remove the outer layer of the skin which contains dead skin cells as also the grime and dirt, that doesn’t go off with the normal cleansing procedure. The removal of this top layer of skin gives a fresh and glowing look to the skin.

If you can carry out all these four tasks on a regular basis, you are sure to enjoy a healthy and glowing skin.