4 Steps to Flawless Fashions

Some women look stylish even if they wear a basic pair of jeans and a white T shirt; while others can spend hours deciding their outfits and still look like something the at dragged in. The basic difference between these two is that some women know what style suits them best. These women will wear only those articles of clothing that suit them and those that they are comfortable in. This is the key to flawless style. You need to identify your style so that you can look gorgeous even when you are sleeping.

Don’t follow fashion trendy blindly. You need to understand the clothes that suit you and those fashions that you prefer. This is based on your personality. If you are a loud person that is associated with things that are based on the media or your look then you can follow trends and be bold with your fashion. However if you are a more serious personality that is very goal or career oriented then your style will be classic.

Pencil skirts, blazers and white shirts will feature in your closet often. You also need to understand the difference between your casual look (for the weekends) and your formal looks (for the weekdays and evening looks). An easy way to understand your style is to identify with a celebrity; this will help you to identify your style and help you out with your outfit choices.

Once you understand your style you need to head out to the shops to make your purchases but before that you need to complete one very important task; cleaning out your closet. This may be the hardest part of your task; especially since you may have years of junk piled up in your closet. Free yourself from the burden of looking at the clothes that you may never wear again. Donate them or simply put them in the trash.

In order to sport flawless style you need to wear clothes that fit you perfectly. You need to identify your body shape and come to terms with your flaws. Your clothes need to accentuate your curves and hide your flaws effortlessly.

The last thing that helps to give you a flawless look is your choice of colors. Generally, blondes look stunning in darker colors like deep blue and green while women with warmer skin tones look hot in olives, coral and turquoise.