4 Signs that he is interested

You’ve been watching him from the corner of your eyes; you’ve even exchanged a few glances and may have had an occasional chit chat with him for more than a year. He smiles at you and you return the smile, but that’s about all that’s been happening between you two. You’ve not made any moves because you aren’t sure whether he is interested in you or not. What do you do in such a situation?

Here are 4 signs that say he is seriously interested in taking this relationship onto a new level.

He pretends to ignore you at times.

If a guy pretends to ignore you when the two of you are in public places or when surrounded by friends, but keeps glancing at you occasionally, chances are he has some feelings for you. It’s just that he isn’t aware of your feelings, and so he is hesitant to propose. If he was interested in you merely for fun he would have approached you even in public, but when he means more than fun he will be a bit shy to interact with you in public.

He becomes conscious about his looks

If he wriggles his fingers in his hair to set them, he adjusts his tie or simply wipes his face with a hanky, or does something similar to ensure he is looking good, the moment he sees you coming then he is surely interested in you. He wants to be sure that he is looking good, whenever he has to face you because he wants you to notice him. Guys are not bothered about their looks except when they want to impress a woman, so if he is conscious about his looks then there is enough reason for you to congratulate yourself.

He is defensive about you

Does he get agitated and bounces back at people, when people try to make fun of you? Does he try to physically shield you from other men in public places? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then there is absolutely no doubt in it that he has a soft corner for you. A guy who is seriously interested in you will be ready to fight all the battle for you.

So, if things look good then why not go ahead and propose the guy, than wait for him to propose.

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Sidharth Thakur