4 Secrets To Style Heat Damaged Hair

Style Heat Damaged Hair

Style Heat Damaged Hair Styling your heat damaged hair can be a really challenging experience since they break of at slightest provocation. Whether you are trying to color them, style them or even brush them out for styling hair breakage and fall are extremely common.

First of all say no to heat styling treatment forever in future and adapt some styles that go easy on both the scalp and on your tresses as long as the hair recuperates from the damage done.

Choose The Right Hairstyles

For the time being go for styles that suit your natural texture and do not try to alter the appearance of hair in any manner. If your hair is straight let them remain blissfully straight and if curly then make do with that.

Do not get tempted in any way to use chemical or heat styling instruments ever. If you want to change your hairstyle go for one which utilizes and flaunts to perfection the natural temperament of your tresses. Otherwise the condition will worsen then what it presently is.

Try Sporting Shorter Hairstyle

You may love your long tresses but being heat damaged you can spare them even more by cutting them short. This will help in the distribution of nourishment to your tresses in a better manner and with time the follicles will rejuvenate and treat the hair to curb the damage incurred; besides getting rid of the split and damaged ends thoroughly.

Style Heat Damaged Hair

Once the previous health is restored in a complete manner you may revert back to sporting your long tresses to their best advantage. And who knows you may love your short hairstyle so much that it may become your permanent fixture.

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Understand The Needs Of Your Hair

Do not color or style in ways that may hurt them further and increase the damage. Choose hairstyle that does not require sprays to keep them in place since any kind of hair chemical will be tough on the tresses that are already heat damaged. Just brush your hair thoroughly and you are ready to go out should be the motto of the hair style you sport.

Curl Your Hair Minus The Heat Treatment

Rinse your hair thoroughly and dry them using a soft towel, while the tresses are still damp using your fingers to apply some conditioning serum. However do not overdo with the application and it will be better if you can limit yourself to the lower portion of the hair. Do not go anywhere near the hair roots which will give you a dirty and greasy look.

Now clear any tangles you may have using a wide-toothed comb. From the region of your ears separate a section of hair and clip them above your head in order to secure them there. Now use foam rollers to roll up both the section. Keep them in your hair for the night. In the morning gradually release the rollers starting from the bottom part. Now instead of using a brush use your fingers to gradually separate the strands. This will give you a beautiful tousled look.