4 Secrets To Grow Black Hair Long

4 Secrets To Grow Black Hair Long and Fast

4 Secrets To Grow Black Hair Long and Fast The general concept is that African American hair takes time to grow in length however rest assured this is a complete gobbledygook. All hair grows in the same rate and black hair is no exception. However it just needs some help to grow a little faster similar to other hair types.

Secrets to Grow Black Hair Long and Fast


This is a proven fact that trimming your hair on a regular basis helps it to grow faster besides taking care of the split ends and all the general and ongoing damage that the tresses are subjected to in our day to day lives, otherwise if left to its own devices the damage to the hair may extend to the follicles leading to more troubles like hair loss.

However, the trimming should be limited to a maximum of ½ inches, trimming the hair longer than that will defeat the actual purpose by shortening it up. Since it should be done every two months it is better if you can do it yourself at home or find someone to do it for you.


There is no alternative to a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and all the essential micronutrients. This will really help your hair to grow longer and add shine, sheen and radiance to your luxurious tresses. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables and fish in your everyday meals. Otherwise take food supplements with the meals to get your body the real benefits.

Besides having a balanced meal you also need to keep yourself well hydrated to get rid of free radicals from the body and improve circulation which will help to curb the damage to your scalp by increasing the sebaceous gland secretion and accelerating the reach of nutrients to the follicles, helping your hair to grow faster like never before.

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Moisturize your scalp to keep the hair healthy and this will help them to grow faster. Stay away from frequent shampooing since they rob the scalp of natural oiliness. Use herbal products that contain natural and essential oils and proper moisturizing products like shea butter.

Stay away from synthetic and chemical based hair care ingredients. Use warm or cool water for shampooing and it is necessary to apply conditioners after washing the hair. You may opt for live-in conditioners to give a continuous moisturizing effect. Apply hot oil treatment using coconut, olive or jojoba oil both to moisturize and repair the damage caused by external agents.

Protein Treatment

Using protein treatment on your tresses helps them to grow faster. Apply egg protein regularly to achieve a faster and luxurious growth and the egg protein will also add radiance hitherto absent. However, the real benefit from any treatment is in the regularity of application.

You must stick to the hair care regime and repeat it after a fixed interval to achieve the necessary results otherwise everything becomes wastage of both time and energy. For a faster growth of hair you may also go for hair vitamins that contain elements like folic acid and biotin.