4 Jean Styles That Are Rocking The Ramps

skinny-jeans Jeans are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing and are available in so many varied cuts and styles, that finding the right jeans becomes an extremely difficult task. Here’s a little help on four popular jeans styles that are making it big in the fashion world today.

Skinny jeans

While most other body shapes can manage to squeeze in into these tight jeans, the apple shaped women with big busts and bulging bellies should ideally keep away from this style. Straight figures which have a somewhat boyish outline, look best in this jean style, and to gain that extra edge try paring it up with ballet flats or ankle boots. In case, your hips are a little on the heavier side, wear tops in longer lengths to cover up your hips, when dressing up in skinny jeans. And for all the petite damsels, skinny jeans are a great way to give your legs a longer and leaner look.

Wide leg and flares

This jeans style was immensely popular in the seventies, and is back again on the ramps for the past couple of seasons. The best way to wear them is to team them up with fitted tops or skin tight sweaters, and if the flares at the bottom seem too much just ease them down with a pair of platforms. This style is very comfortable and very versatile, and the best part is that they can lend you a slimmer and taller appearance.  When you want to balance out your heavy hips and thick thighs, something that most pear shaped women are looking for, get yourself a pair of wide legged jeans in high waist and you’ll be thrilled to see the leaner silhouettes that it renders.

Boot cut Jeans

That’s one timeless and lovable style, and it really is worth a word of praise for the way it enhances your curves. Furthermore, this style again has a wonderfully slimming effect to visually trim down your waists, hips and thighs. It makes for an ideal choice for all ladies with fuller bodies. And to enjoy the maximum advantage, couple it up with a pair of high heeled boots, to not only look slim but tall as well.

Boyfriend style jeans

That’s an interesting style for women with columnar body shape. It’s slumped waist design and bulky pockets have are wonderfully flattering effect. It adds more definition to your brick like waist while at the same time as it adds bulk to your flatter butt. And all this eventually makes you look more feminine.

Sidharth Thakur