4 Effective Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

4 Effective Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

4 Effective Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Dark skin is less prone to the vagaries of nature as well as generally immune from common ailments that dog the fair Caucasian complexion like acne, pimples, freckles, and the quick skin flare-ups. Makeup for a darker hue is not much different or difficult than that of the lighter complexion.

The important thing to remember is that, do not overdo the makeup colors and go for a more natural look. Use shades and products that highlight and enhance your natural beauty and radiance. Minimalistic is the general norm.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Use of Foundations

Water based foundations work best in case of darker complexions. Cream based products increase the oiliness of the skin and tend to look bad. Always use a shade which is a degree lighter than the actual skin color; however for contouring purposes a darker shade may be chosen. Before starting on the actual makeup procedure it is important to clean your face thoroughly using a gentle face wash and then pat dry.

Now first of all apply concealers on the areas of the skin where blemishes or bad patches of skin exist. Follow it up with a foundation layer blending it with the underlying concealer in such a way that no demarcation is visible. Now the last step is to set the foundation layer with the help of a face powder. Even it all out with the help of a makeup brush. The face powder takes away the excess sheen and helps to achieve a muted appearance.

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The Right Eye Makeup

Dark eye shadows work best for shades like burgundy and browns. Set the eye makeup with the help of a powder which will add to the glamour of your sultry eyes. However, eyeliners are not that good idea. If not done properly they tend to destroy the look of your eyes so makeup sans eyeliner makes a good sense. For applying mascara it is better to use clear natural colors that complement the shade of your eyes.


Deep orange or coral blushers go naturally with darker skin tones. It is important to stay away from peach and brown colors if you do not want to make glaring fashion blunders. To give a comparatively narrower look to your broad nose try to apply a corrector with the help of a brush in order to give a darker tone on the sides with a lighter shade on the ridge of the nose. In the night you can accentuate the blush through the use of golden tones on the cheek bones which will reflect the light and bring on a shimmering sheen to your killer makeup.

Makeup for the Lips

Matte shades of lipstick work best for dark skin hue. Coffee color or chocolate shades can be chosen any time to give the best effects. All in all choose the lip color that goes with the other facial makeup; it should enhance the effects and not do anything to disrupt the fine balance.

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