4 Different Types Of Hair Highlights

4 Different Types Of Hair Highlights

4 Different Types Of Hair Highlights You can change the color of your hair by using different types of highlights. These highlights come in lighter and darker color shades. You can choose either lighter or darker color shades based on your needs.

People highlight their hair to create a unique effect. Different hair highlights create different effects. Selecting the best highlights for your hair can give you a stunning look and can make heads turn.

4 Different Types of Hair Highlights


The best thing about hair chunking technique is that you can use it to highlight long hairs as well as short hairs. Chunking can be done partially or completely. You can achieve your dream look by highlighting your hair at a reputed salon. Chunking would be best for you if you want to highlight wider portions of your hair.

Hair Painting

You can do hair painting at the comfort of your home. Before starting hair painting, you need to wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Home coloring kit will guide you to highlight your hairs in the right way. First, test the color effect on one single lock then proceed further if it looks good.

Foil Highlighting

In foil highlighting, foils are used to separate your strands. Strands are separated and then dyed with the desired color. After applying hair dye, foils are used to hold the strands.


If you want to opt for lowlights then you need to dye your strands with a color darker than your natural hair color. This type of highlighting will look best on you if your hair color is light.

Why Highlights are Better than Full Hair Coloring?

Nowadays, people are choosing highlights over full hair coloring. The disadvantage of opting for full hair coloring is that full hair coloring makes your natural hair color more visible and prominent when it grows back.

4 Different Types Of Hair Highlights

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This type of problem does not arise with hair highlights because only a small part of your hair is dyed. Hair highlights give you the freedom to choose when to and when not to color your hair while this is not the case with full hair coloring. That is why hair highlights score over full hair coloring.

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Few Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hair Highlight

You should choose a hair highlight keeping in mind your natural hair color. The highlight color should complement your hair and skin tone. If you are experiencing difficulty in choosing a good hair highlight then it would be better if you consult a professional hair stylist.

He or she will help you decide the best highlights for your hair color. You should be aware of what kind of look you are aiming for. Choosing the right hair highlights will make you stand above the rest of the crowd. You can also experiment with bold and vibrant highlights like fiery red, pink, blue, platinum blonde etc.

Some Suggestions for You

You can also try out different color combinations such as red and blue highlights, red and green highlights, or red and white highlights. Just try any of these combinations during this festive season and rejuvenate yourself by sporting a new look.

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