4 best hairstyles to wear to the prom

Deciding on a hairstyle for the prom depends on a number of factors. You need to consider your – face shape, your body type, the kind of dress you will be wearing before you can settle for the best hairstyle.

Hence, this decision is not something that should be kept for the last minute. An in-time discussion with your stylist is necessary.Given below are the four best hair styles to wear to the prom. Each of them is equally versatile and stylish. You need to decide on which will suit you the best.

The classic updo

This is one timeless style which spells elegance and sophistication – in its every twist. The hair is pulled back neatly and an extra height is added to the crown area. A little serum is used to give the hair a shiny look.

You can team this style with long earrings and delicate necklaces. You can even try an elegant French twist for an interesting effect. Go ahead and flaunt this classy hairstyle.

Wear it long

If you have long hair, then wear it with style. Sleek straight hair is always in fashion and extremely sexy too. You can always apply some hair serum for that extra shine. Make sure to straighten and soften your hair as rough edges can be very unsightly.

In case you have long wavy hair, you can wear it open too, with little bangs in the front to give you that extra edge. Long soft flowing curls can help you create that perfect fairytale look. Either way, if you have it long, go ahead and flaunt it with vengeance!

Stylish Side ponytail

This is for the ones who want to keep it stylish, yet hassle free. In this style the hair is parted deep on one side, and all the hair is pulled on the same side and tied to make a low ponytail. This style is also great for flaunting your bangs, if any. The hair remains on one side and thereby gives you a cool, clean and stylish look.

The casual barrette

This one goes for those who are not into fancy elaborations, in case of hairstyles. This is the easiest hairdo. The hair is deeply parted on one side and left wavy all over.

In case you have straight hair, think about getting some soft curls to get a different look. You can opt for a decorative barrette, or maybe stick some fresh flowers in it and you are good to go!

Sidharth Thakur