3 Topmost Ways To Stop Bedwetting

Ways To Stop Bedwetting

Ways To Stop Bedwetting Does your child wet his or her bed almost every night? Do you worry whether he or she will ever be able to recover completely from this habit? Read on to find out what you can do to prevent your child from bedwetting.

3 Topmost Ways To Stop Bedwetting

Give your Full Cooperation

It is your responsibility to help your child overcome bedwetting otherwise this habit may affect him or her deeply and may make him or her lose confidence in himself or herself. You should give your child maximum support and assure him or her that he or she will be able to overcome this problem if he or she makes a sincere effort. You should never try to scold or punish your child for wetting the bed.

Inculcate in your Child the Habit of Going to Bathroom before Sleeping

You should help your child learn the habit of emptying his or her bladder before going to sleep. You should also instruct your child not to drink too much water before going to bed as this may increase the chances of bedwetting. This is the best way to stop bedwetting in your child.

Encourage your Child to do Bladder Exercises

There are some exercises that can surely help your child stop wetting the bed and gain bladder control. You should ask your child to wait for some time before going to bathroom during the day. There are also many medicines that can prevent your child from bedwetting but they may or may not solve his or her problem completely. You should tell your child to get up whenever he or she feels an intense urge to urinate during the night.

Ways To Stop Bedwetting

You should always keep the lights on so that your child can easily go to bathroom during the night. You should encourage your child to do some bladder training exercises. You should always make sure that there should not be too much distance between the bathroom and the room where your child sleeps every night otherwise he or she may feel lazy to get up to go to the bathroom. You can also use bedwetting alarm to prevent your child from bedwetting.

What are the Causes of Bedwetting?

Various factors are involved in causing bedwetting including emotional and physical factors. It might be possible that your child’s bladder is not strong enough to contain the urine during the night. Your child may have weak bladder muscles and nerves because of which he or she may have problems holding urine. You should also check whether your child is going through any type of stressful situation as stress plays a major role in initiating bedwetting.

If your child is under some kind of stress then the best way to solve the problem is to talk to him or her directly to find out the exact reason of his or her stress. Your child may also wet the bed due to urinary tract infections or juvenile diabetes. In such cases, you should visit your child’s health care provider to discuss the issue and follow his or her advice.

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