3 Tips for Increased Sexual Pleasure

Sex is not just for procreation, it’s for pleasure too.  But most couples are never able to experience the heightened pleasure during intercourse. There are simple things that these couples may be ignoring, because of which they remain deprived of good sex. Here are three simple tips that can help you to experience absolute sexual pleasure.

The position

Nearly two thirds of the couples stick around to practicing the usual missionary position all through their life, which can get boring and unexciting. To experience more sexual pleasure you need to experiment with more sex positions. There are so many sexual positions that you can try, and each position brings in a different type of stimulation.

There are positions to make the sex more pleasurable for couples where the man has a small penis, or where there is too much of a height difference between the man and the woman, or where a woman gets more clitoral stimulation. There are in-fact a lot of sex position guides on the internet that you can use to learn and master new positions.

However, you must keep in mind one thing before trying any new position, that you both are comfortable in that positions and none of you is getting strained. Also you can think about switching over to a different position while you’re still in the act, and it’s particularly helpful in delaying a man’s ejaculation if he is approaching climax.

Keep it greased

Sex can feel sore if your natural lubricants dry up, so you must always have a pack of lube at close reach. Whenever you’re having a long stretched sex session, the woman’s natural lubrication may begin to dry up, causing friction between the penis and the vagina. To avoid having to cut short the session and compromise on the sexual pleasure, you can bring in the lube. Keep some water based vaginal lubricant by your bedside, and use it generously to make the thrusting easier and more pleasurable.

The power of touch

Hands play an important part in the sexual act, so use them extensively to stimulate each others bodies. What’s important to understand here, is that while women, mostly love to be touched softly and slowly, men love their skin to be gripped harder and faster. Locate your partner’s sensitive regions and stimulate them well all through the intercourse to experience more sexual pleasure.