3 Simple Child Art Activities For Pre Schoolers

Child Art Activities For Pre Schoolers

Child Art Activities For Pre Schoolers The world of children is not as limited or as unimaginative as some parents think. They think that children don’t have the ability to think and imagine because they don’t have enough vocabulary to determine the names to objects and emotions.

However, a child’s imagination can take flight and surprise you. Your daughter may make words, which may not make sense to you but describe a thing beautifully. She may spin stories that you never knew she was capable of. Your son would beat up his friend and make excuses that would put even the most accomplished story-teller to shame. It is up to you to polish their artistic skills and help their imagination take flight.

However, most parents are not able to do this for many reasons. Some may be too busy with their jobs; some would be busy teaching their pre-schoolers alphabets and numbers, thinking formal education is the only needed accomplishment; some parents, even if they want to, can’t make their boisterous children sit down and listen; while some parents simply lack imagination.

For all kinds of parents, here are some simple ideas that don’t take up much of your time, but in fact help your child develop their all-round skills and catch fancy of even the most ‘outdoorsy’ child.

Tips for Children With Artistic Flair

Determine what your child likes the most, e.g. animals, birds, dolls, flying objects, etc. and then paint these objects on card papers. Make cut outs and stick or hang them in a room. Every time your child is sitting down for food or is feeling drowsy, show him/her the cut outs and spin a story around it; if you lack imagination, search for stories online.

You can even teach some facts about animals such as tigers have stripes or leopards have spots with the help of an interesting story. Rudyard Kipling was great at such stories. You can take inspiration from him and make your own stories about your child’s favorite objects. A few months, and you will have your child spinning stories out of nowhere.

Tips for Over-Active Children

Tips for Over-Active Children

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Besides stories, children love painting. Parents of over-active children might have already sighed by now. However, there is a way to get over-active children to settle down. The first thing to do is find out what your child likes the best. Let’s say for example, he/she likes running around the house imagining he/she is a train engine. You need to pick up his/her interests from such clues.

Make him/her sit down, draw a huge engine and ask him/her to paint it. Once he/she does that, you can pin the paper to his/her shirt and say you are a real engine now. All these things will perk up his/her interests and imagination, while satisfying his/her need to be active.

Tips for Children With Intellectual Bend

If your child seems less interested in painting or listening to stories and is of intellectual bend of mind, needing constant activities that challenge his or her brain, you need to try activity sheets. Many websites offer activity sheets for free but again, it would be great if you consider your child’s interest and make these sheets yourself.

Some of the basic ideas for such sheets are match the similar objects, connect the dots and make an object, circle the big or small objects and identify objects related to a particular scenario (wool hats for winter, umbrellas for monsoon and shades for beach).

Tips for Over-Active Children


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