3 Signs That Your Man May Be Cheating On You

dating-faux When you thought that everything was fine and that the two of you were now into a strong and lasting relationship, all of a sudden one day your partner walks over to you, and shocks you with the words “we need to have a talk”. You’re likely to be taken aback by shock and surprise, and may not be able to understand how to react.

Even though you may not doubt your partner for his fidelity, you never know how and when the tide may turn. So here are some little things that you need to watch out for because in most cases they may be warning signals of an approaching breakup.

Change in sexual behavior

If your partner has lost interest in having sex with you, or you see any other dramatic changes in his sexual behavior, then you better get alarmed. Because this change in behavior is most likely, his way of avoiding you and the feelings or emotions of love that he had for you.

Sex is believed to bring two people closer, and if he’s avoiding sex, he’s trying to distance out from you. Also it could be that his sexual desires are being satisfied outside your relationship, so he doesn’t need any sexual favors from you.

Small things end up in big fights

If small things, like why did you disturb his things on the side table or why did you replace the white pillow cover with a blue one, turn into major fights with the issues getting stretched out and even the unrelated things entering into the argument, it surely is some bad news for you. He’s just looking for reasons to either make you move out of the relationship or a chance where he can blame you and then move out himself.

A change in his preferences

If his tastes and preferences, in terms of food, dress up, entertainment, choice of colors Etc, begin to change almost all of a sudden, there is definitely something fishy going on. If it was difficult to have this guy step out of his jeans, and now all of a sudden he’s into wearing formal suits, or if he always loved sober colors but is now going in for some flashy clothing, then such drifts in his taste indicate that there is someone who is acting as a fresh source of inspiration for him.

Also, if he’s seeing someone he’s likely to become more conscious about his physical health and appearance, and you may see him trying to update his wardrobe, buy exquisite colognes and personal care products and become regular with his workouts.

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Sidharth Thakur