3 Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift by god but to waiting for your little baby to come into this world could be annoying, especially when you have been trying to conceive.

The sure shot way to know if you are pregnant is obviously to get pregnancy test done but theer are some signs through which one can be sure that she is pregnant, even without any medical help or check ups.

In fact, even before the test, these signs can make you be sure of your pregnancy. So let us look at the three magical signs of pregnancy.

The first sign is a common and obvious one. When a woman misses her period, most probably she is pregnant. If you have been trying and you do not suffer from any hormonal imbalance or health disease, then definitely it is because of the pregnancy.

This is because you have not been using protection probably which is why one can get pregnant and miss the menstrual cycle. But there are times when it does not click in mind as there are hundreds of reason to skip period which brings me down to my second sign and that is minute bleeding.

Do not be scared or shocked by the mention of bleeding as small droplets in the undergarment are normal in pregnancy. These occur because of the baby development but the bleeding is not at all heavy. This is another sign which when occurs to you, you would know it is pregnancy. Do not confuse it with periods as bleeding here is extremely low.

When you tend to lose bladder control, then also it is a sign of pregnancy. When a woman tends to pee more than she normally does despite the fact that she has not been taking as much fluids as she is urinating, then it is a sign of pregnancy.  So frequent urination needs to be taken note of.

Some other common signs of pregnancy are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, lack of appetite, etc. so when ever all such kind of unusual things happen to you, you know that it is case of pregnancy.