3 Secrets to better sex

Sex is important to building a close and intimate relationship. Sex is not about a few minutes or an hour of physical pleasure; it does much more to your relationship. Sex not only brings you physically closer, but it also works tremendously in helping you to better connect with your partner.

Most couples are willing to try all the acrobatics and gymnastics of kama-sutra to rev up their sex life. People even try aphrodisiacs to boost their sexual desires. But all this stuff is not required, if you understand the basics of good sex. Here are some things that will help you to achieve newer heights in your sexual life.

Get involved

You will be able to experience complete pleasure only when you are completely in to the act of the love making. What we mean is that you need to be there not just physically but also mentally. Leave all your worries outside the bedroom, if you want to enjoy a pleasurable experience. Most often people keep thinking about a lot of other things while having sex, because of which they aren’t able to savor the full pleasure. Also not being completely merged takes a big toll on your sexual performance.

Get in sync

Understand your partner’s sexual desires and expectations from you. Get to know about each others turn-ons and fantasies, and you’ll begin to understand what your partner’s next move is going to be. With a clear understanding of each other you will be able to get the sex act more in rhythm and in sync, and its only then that you will experience full pleasure. Familiarizing yourself with each others bodies, and finding out what stimulates your partner, will boost your partner’s performance. Know how your partner loves to be touched and kissed, and he will keep coming back to you for more.

Penetration isn’t every thing

Don’t focus on penetrative sex alone, hold, feel and caress each other’s body. Don’t just rush for the penetration, try some fondling, kissing and oral sex to arouse your partner fully, before penetration, and see what a positive boost it gives to your partner’s performance. The more time you spend pleasing your partner orally, the better you will be able to connect with him. Men love to savor each and every part of a woman’s body and they expect something similar from you.