3 Qualities Men Desire in a Woman

Ever since men and women have existed, both have been trying to know about each other. Men want to know what women like and what women want, and women want to know about what men desire and what excites them. You wan to know about the other sex’s likings and dislikes to become more appealing for them, and that’s how the chemistry of relationships between men and women works.

As opposed to the general conception that toned bodies and revealing clothing is all that men ask for, there is much more that men like to see in a woman if they want her for life. So besides working on your exteriors, you need to work on some more areas to become more appealing for men. Take a look at the qualities a man desires to see in his life partner, to know where you’re lacking and where you need to pay attention.

Enthusiastic and spirited

A woman who participates actively in whatever comes across, and has the talent to lighten up even the grimmest of moments can never escape the eyes of a relationship oriented man. Stay natural, enjoy every moment, don’t act like a snob, don’t go cribbing and any man will want to stay by your side forever.  And most importantly, remember that smiles win hearts, so keep that smile on whatever may come or go.

Dignified and cultured

Every man wants a woman who is light hearted and fun to be with, but frivolous behavior where you forget your realms of dignity is simply a big turn off. The next time you’re in public be selective about the people you talk to and the kind of conversation you have with them. Watch your body language and your words in all social gatherings. Be respectful and courteous and take your manners and etiquettes wherever you go. A woman who is dignified and cultured wins the heart of nearly all worthy men.


A woman who knows how to adapt to any given situation, without causing mayhem, is sure to appeal to most men folk. If a man sees that you adapt well to all changes, he would love to have you by his side, as your adaptability shows how committed you will remain to him.

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Sidharth Thakur