3 Habits To Help You Achieve A Slimmer Waist

Having don’t thousands of crunches and sit ups, or having spent endless hours on the treadmill, if that flab still doesn’t seem to leave your waist, then your weight problem can’t be fixed with exercises alone. Here are some things that you must consider changing, as they may be marring all your weight loss efforts. While exercising regularly and eating right still remain the main the best ways to lose flab and achieve a better defined waist, here are some of the habits that you need to change. These little changes can double up your flab losing ability.

Forget the late nights

It’s become a habit to sleep late, with most city dwellers. Whether its late night parties or late night TV shows, you’ll need to skip them, if you’re serious about losing the flab on your waist. Lack of sleep creates hormonal imbalances, which can slow down your body’s ability to burn fat. When you’re trying to lose weight your body needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a day, and if it doesn’t get that much sleep, the insulin produced by the liver becomes inefficient in cutting down the fat deposits.

Skipping meals doesn’t help

Out of frustration, when they can’t see the flab on their waist disappearing, most women resort to skipping meals. Most women believe that this is the last resort to build a slimmer waist. However, health experts philosophize something quite the opposite, they suggest eating up to six short meals a day. Well, that’s the latest in healthy eating practices. Find out what your daily calorie requirements are and divide it into five or six roughly equal portions. For instance, if your daily requirement is 2000 calories, then you can size each of your meals to provide you with 350-400 calories approx.

Less water intake could be the obstacle

The moment you wake up try drinking about a liter of water, as this will help in increasing the metabolic activities, which burn calories, for the nest two to three hours. Also, taking water on empty stomach is quite effective in expelling toxins from the body, which could be retarding the loss of fat. Even through the day, keep on drinking water at regular intervals and see how water can help you to lose that stubborn flab, which has been disfiguring your waist.

Sidharth Thakur