3 Effective Ways To Hide A Double Chin

3 Effective Ways To Hide A Double Chin

3 Effective Ways To Hide A Double Chin Having a double chin is definitely very embarrassing. This prominent feature can be caused due to many reasons like excessive weight gain, aging and even genetic factors. To permanently get rid of a double chin, one will have to opt for chin reshaping cosmetic surgeries.

But, this is quite an expensive procedure and not everyone will be able to afford it. However, one can also try out many other alternative methods to camouflage a double chin. Read on to discover more about the 3 different methods that will allow you to hide a double chin in an effective manner.

3 Effective Ways To Hide A Double Chin

Change Your Hairstyle

It is seen that by styling your hair in a suitable manner, you will be able to hide a double chin to a great extent. A short hair cut is found to be the most suitable, if you are planning to camouflage your double chin. This will highlight your cheekbones and will also take the attention away from the neck and chin regions.

If you want a medium length hair cut, then opt for a style in which your hair reaches below the level of your chin. You can go for a layered bob hairstyle , where the hair reaches past your chin, in order to divert the attention from the double chin and to make your face appear longer.

Those of you who have long hair can try layering the hair around their cheeks and face. However, do not part your hair from the center, as it will only help to accentuate a double chin. The best option will be to go for an off center part and to have side swept bangs.

Wear Appropriate Makeup

Proper makeup goes a long way in disguising the problem of a double chin. The makeup applied should define the jaw line in a way that the presence of the double chin is played down. You can start by using shades of foundations; one for your chin and neck regions, and the second one for the rest of your face.

See to it that the foundation you choose for your chin and neck is a shade darker than the one used on the rest of your face. Blend in the foundations well so that there is no visible difference in the skin tone. Follow this up by slightly brushing a bronzer powder all along your jawbone line. In order to create a natural look, you can also use the same bronzer on your cheekbones, instead of another blush.

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Finally do dust some translucent powder all over your face so as to keep the applied makeup in place. See to it that you only apply a minimal amount of foundation and bronzer, in order to avoid an over the top look. You can also play up your eyes a little bit, in order to divert attention from the rest of your face.

Choose Suitable Clothing and Accessories

Another effective way to camouflage the issue of a double chin is to wear suitable clothing.  Avoid wearing turtlenecks and high collar shirts, as it will make your neck look even smaller.  Instead, wear low cut shirts and tops that will draw away attention from the neck region.

Also, avoid wearing long earrings and chokers, as it will definitely draw attention to the region of the double chin. You can always wear short earrings and long necklaces, as it will make your neck look longer, thereby playing down the presence of a double chin.

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