3 Amazing Makeup Tips For A Cat Eye Look

3 Amazing Makeup Tips For A Cat Eye Look

3 Amazing Makeup Tips For A Cat Eye Look Cat eye makeup looks alluring, sexy, mysterious and extremely glamorous but it requires the right techniques to do it right.

3 Amazing Makeup Tips for a Cat Eye Look

Practice Makes the Man Perfect

The right looks are often difficult to master and can only be perfected over a period of time after making a mistake. Do not expect to get the perfect look on the very first try like a prodigy. Try and try again and at last you will succeed should be the motto. If you are a beginner starting out on the make up front it is better to stick to pencil eyeliners for lining the eyes.

Liquid eyeliners require a steady hand and also a lot of practice. With pencil eyeliners you can easily correct the mistakes and start over without much hassle. However, it is important to sharpen the edges of the eye pencil for use otherwise you will get smudgy and spoiled look ruining your eye makeup. Before giving the cat eye look in public set your hand doing it at home so that you can make the right impact on your audience.

Apply Foundation

Before the application of the eyeshadow the right platform must be initially prepared so that the final product comes out in the right manner. Wash and moisturize your face and then apply concealer on the blemishes and discolored patches on your face. Now apply a layer of oil-free liquid foundation.

The oil based foundation becomes drippy as the day progresses and this will be instrumental in ruining your eye makeup in the long run. Set the liquid foundation with the help of a loose powder which will soak away the sweat and oil from the skin surface. Two layers of the foundation may be applied according to the situation. The right foundation application will help your cat eye makeup to remain for a longer period of time.

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The Cat Eye Makeup

The eyeliner should be applied as close to the eyelashes as possible. Start with a thinner line from the inner edge of the upper lids. The line becomes thicker gradually towards the middle and again tapers towards the end extending beyond the outer corner of the eyelid while curving a little upwards. Increase the number of the liner coats to attain the required thickness.

Now apply the eyeshadow from the upper edge of the eyeliner till the area of the eyebrows. Blend it in using the corner of a makeup sponge or using an eyeshadow brush. You can bring out a smoky look by applying a darker shade shadow on the outer corner of the lids. Blend in the shadow and liner for an even look.

When done with the eyeshadow proceed to the lashes. Curl them up using a heated curling instrument making sure that they are not damaged or broken up in the process. For enhancing the effect you may also use false eyelashes above the natural ones. Set the lashes by applying two coats of mascara and then comb it up.

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