2010 Spring Summer Fashion Trends on a Budget

The season has changed once again and it is time to make a few changes in your wardrobe. It seems almost impossible to keep up with the trends and to make them work for you; it is also a very expensive affair.

If you are on a tight budget and you are not very keen on spending too much yet want to stay updated with the trends then I can help you out. Experiment with your clothes to make them look trendy and stylish by first knowing what is in vogue this year.

Denim is back. Now every man, woman and child on this planet has a pair of denims so you don’t have to go out any buy a new pair. However you can make a few changes in your look. Denim dresses, purses and shoes are very haute this year and they don’t cost much so you can spend a small amount of money on this purchase.

Besides, the best way to dress up any denim outfit is with the right accessories. You can load up on sunglasses, belts, boots and bags to accessorize this look. A pair of high heel shoes with your denims is the prefect way to style this look.

Another outfit that you already possess and is in vogue this year is a summer dress. This year you can add a sleeved, sleeveless, tube top dress or a strappy dress to your summer collection. If you have a dress from last year then you can transform it by changing it from a sleeved dress to a tube dress by changing the top half of the dress.

A lace dress is for formal occasions so you may want to add one in your closet. With this look you will need funky jewelry in acrylic and metal. You can also wear an oversized watch to complete the fun, flirty summer look.

Tribal prints, accessories and clothes with the print are big this year. Grab a tunic dress with tribal prints or simply look out for accessories like clutches, scarves, handbags and shoes with tribal accents.

If you can’t fit this style into your budget for the year then download a print from the internet and sew it or paint it onto a T shirt or bag. You can personalize it as per your choice.