10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol Many of the pregnant women can’t leave the habit of taking alcohol even in their pregnancy. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the fact that the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can harm the baby as well as her health.

Those who are completely unable to avoid drinking must know that it not only give birth to many complications during pregnancy but also can harm the proper development of the baby. No  mother wants to harm her own baby. Our ceaseless effort is there to help you out of the situation which will make you stop your habit of consumption of alcohol.

10 Steps To Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

In order to quit alcohol you first have to recognise the sources which tempts you the most for drinking. Try to avoid those gatherings which are specially alcohol centric. Keep ready a strong excuse so that no one can force you for drinking.

Stay Surrounded By Your Wellwisher

Make an effort to stay away from those who consume alcohol and insist everybody to be the same.

Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

Stay surrounded by the people who have positive outlook towards life and will encourage you in better things. This is how you can build up a sense of positivity to quit alcohol in your pregnancy.

Recognize Your Responsibility

The moment you have concieved, you have become the mother of the child who is developing day by day in your womb. It is a promise of a mother to her baby in the womb that she will take care of it throughout the life. As the consumption of liquor can harm the growth of the baby so the mother should leave drinking at once. A mother only gives birth to lives and can do anything to keep her baby healthy.

Stay Busy

If a bottle of alcohol attracts you then keep yourself busy with other works. There are many light works that a woman can do during her pregnancy. Make a routine to stay healthy, know about the newborns from the experienced mothers, go for shopping  to avoid alcohol. Try to avoid to sit idle because this will arouse in your mind the temptation to consume alcohol.

Ask for Help

If every effort fails to quit drinking then now it is the time to ask for help from a group of people. There are many rehabilitation centres and many other benevolent groups who help to get out of the situation of drinking. Their experiences, their effort and their examples help a lot to motivate and to quit drinking.

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Drink Water

As we all know that one has to plenty of water in order to clean the toxin from the body. If you drink sufficient water it not only washes the toxin but also slow down the desire to have alcohol. Drink water as much as possible, avoid your thirst which gives birth to craving for consuming alcohol.

Balanced Diet

During pregnancy your body requires a complete diet to maintain the proper growth of the baby and you too. It is proved that if any one take healthy foods during her pregnancy it helps to build up a positive mind which helps to quit drinking.


pregnancy oriented exercises

Do you know some pregnancy oriented exercises will help you to avoid drinking also? Consult your doctor and start exercising today to keep your body fit and to avoid the urge of consuming alcohol.

Say No to the Bottles

If anybody gifts youa bottle of alcohol then don’t be ashamed of saying no to him. Explain that you are pregnant and alcohol can harm your baby. Trust me, no one will gift you any alcohol related product next time.

Make Yourself Happy

Build up a will power to not to touch alcohol. Promise yourself or convince yourself with some lascivious gifts that you will get for yourself as a reward for not consuming alcohol.
Try these out at home, it really works. Moreover, never forget many people are not blessed with pregnancy in all over the world. You are the lucky one to have blessed with the most worthy gift of God. Don’t insult it!