10 Must Try Remedies For Dry Skin

dry skin

dry skin One rightly wonders whether perfect and silky smooth skin is just a myth. Most of us are weighed down by skin problems and dull lifeless skin that we visit skin care salons and beauty parlours for that extra splash of cream on our body that is supposed to give a splurge of moisture to our thirsty skin. But how long do they work?

How much can we spend on chemical products that make our skin all the more dry and dull due to prolonged exposure? How frequently can we frequent parlours? These are all questions that must have flashed through your minds once in a while. All problems of the skin can in fact be treated at home without spending a penny from your pocket.

A little time and a little care for your skin will not only help you gain lustrous and supple skin, but will also help you prevent premature ageing and dryness. Here are 10 remedies for dry and lifeless skin. All these methods can be easily tried in the comfort of your home without much effort.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Water is a major ingredient for all types of skin care regimen. But the truth is that if you drink 2 or more litres of water every day, you do not even need any sort of skin care regimen for dry skin. Drinking plenty of water will prevent the occurrence of dry skin and also keep your skin youthful and free from wrinkles and ageing.

Skin glows if it gets treated with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the potion with which skin gets the necessary nutrition for that extra glow. Make it a point to massage your face and neck and other areas with Vitamin E oil at least 10 minutes before you go to sleep. The goodness of Vitamin E along with the circular strokes that you administer for blood circulation will leave you skin completely and perfectly nourished.

If you have the luxury of a bathtub at home, you can indulge in milk bath once in a while. Give queenly treatment to your skin by mixing tepid water, honey and milk with cream and soaking in it for half an hour. Emerge with shining smooth skin and be the envy of your neighbourhood. The natural moisturising properties of honey and its humectant qualities help both in moisturising your skin as well as in retaining the moisture supplied by milk, cream and honey.

Here’s another home remedy that has abundant goodness. Mix cream or a good herbal moisturiser or even curd with powdered oatmeal. Smear it all over your body thoroughly moving in a circular motion. Leave it on for twenty minutes for the ingredients to soak into your skin. With moist hands you can rub it off from your body. Once you take a shower, you will see fresh beautiful skin that was hiding underneath being revealed, making you glow in happiness. The circular movements with oatmeal cream have helped in removing dead skin cells on the surface and also in increasing blood circulation.

A cereal mix for your skin will improve the skin texture immediately and prevent dry lifeless skin. For this, mix oatmeal with vanilla extract and a small amount of baking soda. Mix this in warm water in the tub. You can now indulge in a cereal dip. The more time you allow your skin to soak in the goodness of cereal, the better. Cereal baths will energise your skin and prevent dryness. If you have the time to do it at least thrice a week, be ready to say goodbye to dry skin forever.

Bananas are not only good for your body, but also for your skin. Let’s see how. Find some ripe bananas from your fruit basket. The riper ones which are too ripe for eating could be made use here. Mash all of them and apply them on your body. After it dries, you can wash it off. Bananas can make your skin go bananas! Adding sugar to this banana paste while smearing it on your skin will remove dead cells and also tan from your skin.  See the wonders of bananas…

If you do not have any of these things at home, you can try some oils that can revive your dry skin. This could be coconut oil which every woman would have at home for massaging her hair or avocado oil which has good reviving properties. Sesame oil too is good and can be used after you take bath. You can also use olive or almond oil for massaging your skin to perfection. Olive oil and coconut oil massage regularly will help you to remove or lighten stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight loss.

Milk baths can revive dry skin. But drinking milk too can do that. If you prefer drinking to soaking, add some almond oil to your warm glass of milk that you drink every day before sleep and feel the results for yourself. Almond has long been associated with good skin.

If you are a new mother and do not find any time for skin care, here is a solution that can remove your dry and patchy skin that is the result of lack of sleep and neglect. While you massage your baby with baby oil, massage the same on to your face and body. You do not have to spend extra time for this as your baby needs to be left with the oil on for half an hour. Baby oil has vitamin E which will nourish your skin and massaging will give you enough blood circulation to remain glowing.

Finally, exercise regularly to add the glow of natural oils on your skin. Regular exercise will not only give you a great skin with that perfect glow, but also allow you to remain healthy. Regular exercise will prevent skin ageing and also wrinkling of skin. Allow your body to activate the secretions of sebaceous glands which are natural moisturisers.