10 Ideas For Romantic Date

Romantic Date

Romantic Date If you are planning to go on a romantic date with that special guy or girl in your life, then plan well ahead of time to make the date both exciting and memorable. While most people associate a romantic date with a cozy candlelit dinner for two at some nice restaurant, there are many other ways you can enjoy a memorable and romantic date.

To create that perfect romantic date, you need to be imaginative. Before planning the actual location for a romantic date, sit down with your boyfriend or grilfriend and find out what his or her ideas for a romantic date are. Choose a place and activity which both of you are going to enjoy. A great romantic date idea is one which ignites the passion between the two of you and brings you closer together like never before.

Ideas for a Romantic date

The internet has opened up endless opportunities for planning that perfect romantic date with the love of our life. From grabbing a latte and going for a late night stroll to a hot stone massage, the options for a romantic date are absolutely endless. Depending on how long you have known a guy or girl, you choose from an extremely intimate date ideas to romantic dates which will take your relationship to the next level. Here are some ideas for a romantic date which will indeed turn out to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Moonlight Cruise

Rent a boat and glide along on a glassy lake under the canopy of a million stars. Sounds romantic? Rent a row boat; pack a couple of blankets, a bottle of champagne, a box of strawberries and some bars of chocolate. You can also pack a couple of candles and sturdy flashlight. Just cuddle up next your partner and enjoy the twinkling stars while sipping champagne. Choose a full moon night to make your date even more memorable.

Romantic Puzzle Game

Why not invite your date over to your place to put together a custom made puzzle featuring the two of you. This is a fun yet extremely romantic date idea. If you two are wizards at putting together puzzles go in for a five hundred piece one. Otherwise you can opt for a quick two fifty piece puzzle which you can put together in one or two hours. While giving the order for your custom puzzle design incorporate some romantic message like’ I love You’ or ‘You Mean The World to Me’ into the puzzle.

Cozy Drive-In Movie Date

This is one idea for a romantic date that will really bowl your boyfriend or girlfriend over. Check out the latest movies that you and your date would like to watch. Pack a couple of DVD’s along with your laptop or DVD player. Also pack some snacks and a few bottles of any good quality wine. Drive over to a hilly area overlooking the city or even to some secluded corner of the beach. Set up your laptop, cuddle together and spend the next few hours watching your favorite film. This is one date that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

A Spa Date

Check out some of the local spas which offer package deals for couples, for a complete spa experience. You can try out the different spa treatments including hot stone massage treatment, lomi lomi massage, mud wrap treatment or even go in for a sea weed wrap. Just relax and experience the rejuvenating treatments offered by the spa to feel completely refreshed. The idea of a romantic spa date is catching on with younger couples.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you and your date are the adventurous type then a hot air balloon ride is the perfect idea for a romantic date. Take off into the wide open skies and be enthralled by the breathtaking views which the ride offers, for some extremely special memories. If you are planning for a romantic hot air balloon ride date, then book for either an early morning or late evening trip which will last for at least an hour. Carry a few bottles of champagne and some snacks to make the ride even more memorable.

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

For a fairytale experience, book a horse drawn carriage and go for a ride through the country side. Pack a couple of blankets should the weather turn suddenly chilly and a bottle of champagne. This is the ultimate romantic idea for couples who have recently started dating and even for couples who want to relive the initial days of dating. Inhale the crisp country air and take in the views for an unforgettable day out.

An Evening At The Opera

Dress up and spend an evening at the opera. An evening spent viewing Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde or Puccini’s La Boheme, is a beautiful way to spend time with the person you love. Book a viewing box for two and enjoy an unforgettable evening at the opera.

Shell Hunting On The Beach

Picking interesting shells at the beach while sharing your dreams with the one you love is a beautiful way to plan a romantic date. You can even plan a picnic after you have finished combing the beach for beautiful shells. This is an inexpensive yet very romantic date idea for couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Cook A Meal Together

Rustle up a simple meal with your date. Enjoy the close proximity of your date while cooking up a delicious meal. Plan a menu for an easy and not over the top meal. You can even incorporate several aphrodisiac ingredients into the food. Eat the food that you have prepared over cozy candlelight.

Overnight Camping Trip

What better way to spend some quiet romantic moments with your date than to plan for an overnight camping trip. Choose the beach or even the woods as your camp site. Watch the waves lapping the sandy shores at night or cuddle up  near a bonfire and gaze at the Milky Way. End your camping trip with an early morning hike through the woods or a walk along the seashore.

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