10 Dating Faux Pas You Should Never Make

Here are some tips which you must memorize and never forget.

Be sure to apply your fake tan well ahead of time. If you just smack on in a rush, just before the date, by the time you arrive at the date, you’ll looked as if you had changed to some tribal groups.

Don’t rush after the date to get a cab. Remember, you will always get the next bus if all else fails!

Whatever you do, do not choose a venue for date where it can possibly be dangerous. Someone went on a date at a skating rink and just she was about to kiss him, she lost her balance! OUCH!

Be always prepared for the unwelcome lunge. When your guy is about to kiss you, and you are not in the mood for it, be courteous and avoid, do not rush away!

If you are on a dinner date, never choose the spiciest thing. If by the third mouthful of the Mexican curry, you have gulped your glass of water, his glass of water, you are bound to rush to the toilet before anything materializes!

Always dress properly. In the coming months it’s got to be chilly! And if it is chilly, be sure to put on a padded bra.

Never drink and text. You never know what messages you are sending to whom in that drunken state.

Also remember, in that state typing mistakes are also too common. “cool” can also come out as “bonk” on T9 text option.

Again, go through the menu carefully. Do not order suspicious items. It is better to know what you eat than be adventurous on a date.

If you are invited on a picnic date by him, remember to choose the perfume carefully. Your perfume should attract your date, not wasps!

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